About Us


Tired of cleaning daily? Wish you had magic broom that could just clean your worries away? We share a mutual feeling, except that we did try and make that magic happen and it’s called Clean Sydney cleaning services. We are a team of professional cleaners, who today boast of an experience of almost 15 years of quality cleaning. Be it workplaces or restaurants, fitness centres or your home sweet home, we have been everywhere at your service trying to make your lives easier and healthier.

Our staff is trained in providing you the best cleaning experience, while at the same time abiding by world class hygiene standards. We have all the latest equipment and chemicals to take care of all the difficult areas and spots. We also ensure to take care of all the petty details so you can stop worrying about a corner being missed or a spot being left unattended. Our services are offered as per your requirement. If you need a daily help, we give it to you, if you need a weekend service, we still give it to you. We also customise our services as per our clients’ requirements. Our services our offered in a hassle free manner and with minimum intrusion into your privacy. And all of this comes at a negligible cost. We are a budget service which is meant for middle income groups. And moreover, a healthier environment is like a health insurance cover for your people. It saves you the insurance cost as well as a lot of medical expenses. We clean your places, not your pockets!

Importance of a clean work place cannot be over rated. It keeps your employees focused on their work and helps your business attract new clients. And a clean home ensures a healthier environment for your kids and family. There’s nothing better than the peace of mind that comes from watching your kids play and grow in a germ-free environment. Try giving us a chance in building a healthier place for you and let us SWEEP you off your feet!